State of Origin Fever in Papua New Guinea

The time of the year where most Papua New Guineans are ready to kill for a simple game played some 100 miles away from home, Australia. Despite the distance, thousands all over the country are looking forward to that moment when their favourite players with their colors run into the field to take on their opponent.

State of Origin to be banned in PNG

As you walk around the capital city of Papua New Guinea, most places will be covered in sea of blues and maroons colour where street vendors take it to the streets to make fast money selling merchandises.hghhh.jpg

In some parts of the country, people tend to take it personal and violences occur among tribesman, families and the loved ones. This game has been like a disease to all Papua New Guineans, as one cannot afford to miss it, even though there is an urgent meeting to be attended tomorrow, or a test to sat for, people do not care. All these things become secondary when that very moment the blues and maroons colours are all over the television.

State of Origin Sparks PNG Violence

The love of rugby in Papua New Guinea has caused such passion and love for their favorite players and teams. One has to wonder, whether such madness will be stopped, or it might get worse as time goes by.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy tonight’s game.

PS: Luk Osem Blues Ba Win


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