Papua New Guinea Guide To Shop Online with Ebay

With the increase in the use of technology especially in Papua New Guinea, people especially the young people have taken advantage of it and started doing online shopping. Form my assumption, in say 5-10 years time, mostly items will be shopped online either from overseas online shops such as Ebay, Amazon, Wish, TinyDeal, Aliexpress, or local e-Commerce sites such as TAB Deals, Fortuna Online and many upcoming sites on the verge of hitting the market soon.

I started ordering stuffs from sites like Amazon, Ebay when I was in College and I liked the idea of shopping online at the comfort of your room and have the item sent to you in few weeks even before the product hit the Papua New Guinean market.

With my few knowledge of online shopping, I will take you through the steps to fully setup your account with Ebay and Paypal to start shopping online from the comfort of your home.

  1. Visa Card

Visa Card can be applied with your current bank branch, such as BSP, ANZ andvisa Wespac. From my recommendation, I would suggest for you to apply a Visa Card using BSP. However, if you do not have an existing BSP Account you can still apply using ANZ or Westpac Account.

For BSP Visa application from, here is the link , have it downloaded and filled and present to your BSP bank branch. BSP will remove K100.00 from your existing account and have the Visa Card prepared after 1 week or 2 to pick up.

      2. Create a Paypal Account

Creating a Paypal account is very easy and can take you few minutes to have it completed. Key thing is you must make sure to have a valid email address and a Visa Debit card. I will show you the steps in creating a paypal account on my next blog.paypal

After the Paypal account is created, you can now start shopping with Ebay, as all products sold on Ebay are mostly ordered using Paypal, unlike other Ecommerce sites where you’ll have to enter credit/debit cards to do your order.

3. Create Ebay Account

Creating an eBay account is also easier and can be created within few minutes also. Ebay will give you two options, whether to create your account as personal account or a business account. For the start, you may want to use personal account option to ebay.pngstart with. After filling in all the information, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. All you have to do is confirm and you are on your way to ordering stuffs online using eBay.

Apart from the 3 important tips I’ve provided above, it is actually simple to start ordering online even with eBay or Amazon.

On my next blog, I will take you through in creating a paypal account and how to integrate your visa debit card on your paypal account for your ease of shopping.

Stay tuned.


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