How to register a Business Name in Papua New Guinea

There are two types of Businesses in Papua New Guinea. These are informal and formal businesses. Most Papua New Guineans are involved in informal Business. The recent boost in PNG Economy, geared by LNG, many formal Business have evolved in the country. Many individuals or companies have registered their business to do business in the... Continue Reading →


Scholarships for International Students at Guanghua School of Management in China, 2018

Source: For 2018 intake, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University is offering scholarships for international students to pursue MBA programme. The Peking University Guanghua School of Management’s International MBA is a 2-year, full-time MBA program taught in English designed for high potential professionals who aspire to become international business leaders.Course Level: Scholarships are available for... Continue Reading →

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel!

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Travel! Are you planning to travel? Trips are wonderful, no matter what type they are. Everyone can learn more about traveling. Find out what you don’t already know in the article that follows. Be vigilant when dealing with local police or other officials, in case they’re not... Continue Reading →

Quora Question Answered

I am 17, and my parents are going to kick me out on my 18th birthday in August to make me homeless… by Richard Muller Answer by Richard Muller: I will assume that your parents are not bluffing. (I hope they are.) Apply for a drivers license or other official ID immediately. You’ll need that.... Continue Reading →

State of Origin Fever in Papua New Guinea

The time of the year where most Papua New Guineans are ready to kill for a simple game played some 100 miles away from home, Australia. Despite the distance, thousands all over the country are looking forward to that moment when their favourite players with their colors run into the field to take on their... Continue Reading →

Papua New Guinea Guide To Shop Online with Ebay

With the increase in the use of technology especially in Papua New Guinea, people especially the young people have taken advantage of it and started doing online shopping. Form my assumption, in say 5-10 years time, mostly items will be shopped online either from overseas online shops such as Ebay, Amazon, Wish, TinyDeal, Aliexpress, or local e-Commerce... Continue Reading →

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